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Congratulations! You’ve made the first step on your personal path to fitness!

Everyone wants to be slim, healthy and happy - we know. Being a member of ichoicelife.com gives you 100% free access to hundreds of tools to help make this positive change in your life easier!
We also know being more active and eating smart is the most effective strategy to getting healthy. Our devices will help guide you in the right direction and My iChoice will help motivate and keep you on the right track! We know, the easier we make it for you, the more likely you are to succeed. So, what are you waiting for? Start inviting friends and begin your personal path to fitness! 

How to Start:

● Sign up for a free account !
iChoice Life is 100% free. Say goodbye to those other programs that cost a lot of money. With ichoicelife.com you get access to fitness information, fitness progress and analysis, a food and nutrition database, free motivational badges and an online community to share your progress all for FREE!

● Create Personal Fitness Goals 
Studies show that setting personal goals will enhance success. With ichoicelife.com you can set a personal activity goal to help motivate exercises. iChoice Life also makes it easy to achieve your goal weight with recommended fitness plans.

● Track You Daily Diet
For a successful weight-loss and fitness program to work, a balanced diet is important. Knowing your daily calorie intake vs. burned is the best way to stay on track and see results. My iChoice makes it easy to track your Calories with easy to read charts and graphs. My iChoice also offers an extensive food database to help you track your food intake.

● Log Your Progress Daily 
To get the most out of iChoice, we recommend logging your diet, exercises and activities daily. We also suggest using My iChoice to log your weight, blood oxygen, heart rate, BP, glucose . These can all be done by using our other health care products available at www.choicemmedamerica.com

● Get Motivated
Seeing your progress and what you’ve achieved is a powerful motivating tool. The iChoice badges help give you the congratulations you need to help you continue on your path to fitness. 

● Share with Friends
Research shows that we enjoy activities more when we do them with other people. You may start on your path alone, but interacting with friends will help boost your odds of success. You can search friends by their nick name, email or full name. You and your friends can share journal entries, exercise and diet plans and friendly competitions, all while motivating one another.

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