Search and download iChoice SpO2 app from Apple App Store.
Measure SpO2 and pulse rate by placeing your finger into the SpO2 probe.
Go to Graph tab to view the trend graph of the measured data. You can select to view the SpO2 and pulse rate data by day, week, month or by all.
Go to History tab to review the data history saved in your iOS device. The history data can be reviewed by day, week and month.

1. Click on the note button to add a note for the measured data. The note icon will turn yellow when there is a note added. Click the yellow note icon to review the note.

2. Click on the Share button to send your information (includes personal information and measured data with added note).

Go to the Profiles tab to set your personal information.
Go to the Setting tab to configue the App.


iChoice MD50i Pulse Oximeter is Designed for Sports and Recreation Use.